Hague Project Peace and Justice is a network supported by 160 Hague-based international organisations, knowledge institutions, civil society groups and companies that work towards a peaceful, just and secure world.




About us

Hague Project Peace and Justice is an independent network supported by 160 Hague-based international organisations, knowledge institutions, civil society groups and companies that work towards a peaceful, just and secure world. The project is a joint initiative by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the City of The Hague to consolidate the Hague’s reputation as the global Center of Excellence for Peace, Justice and Security.

Combining knowledge and experiences

“Peace & Justice” are taken to stand for expertise, knowledge and experience in the fields of national and international legal order. This includes building up national legal order in fragile states, so as to avert conflict and instead, to promote peace. The world is becoming increasingly international. More and more actors are involved and they are increasingly interdependent. Hence, there is a growing need for rules governing their interaction. In order to conceive these rules, expertise in the fields of national and international legal order is needed, as well as an authoritative source of knowledge on Peace & Justice including security issues.


The effectiveness of this program is based on engaging dialogues on different perspectives of peace and justice with a view to listening and exchanging knowledge and ideas. The result of this approach will contribute to a balanced view of decision makers and influencers about peace and justice conflicts and resolutions.

Numerous stakeholders

The Hague Peace & Justice project is supported by numerous stakeholders. Among them are the Tribunals and Courts in The Hague, NGOs specialized in peace and justice issues, knowledge institutions, journalists and the Dutch government as represented by its various departments at national and local levels. These stakeholders are playing a major role as interlocutors, content sources and advocates in rolling out Peace & Justice activities. One of the project’s goals is to discover and develop synergies between the international organizations, knowledge institutions, NGO’s and the private sector hosted in the Hague. Although each organization has distinct objectives of its own, their interest in the project is based on a common necessity for trust in rule of law.

Instruments will include a practical toolkit, outgoing visits by dignitaries from The Hague who are knowledgeable on Peace & Justice related issues, incoming visits by “high potentials”, “influentials” en journalists, online and offline public dialogue (HagueTalks.com) to connect local conversations to experts in the Hague, courses and workshops about international justice, Peace & Justice missions , as well as the use of social media.


The Peace & Justice project is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the City of The Hague, the Hague academic coalition and many other stakeholders.